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Party Decorations, Signs and Centerpieces by Marlyss and Stacey

What's New!

We've decided to take some time this summer to make some instructional videos. 

Click below to order a video easily thru Pay Pal.

After payment I will email you a direct link to play or download the video of your choice.

We have 3 videos. You can get just one for $5 or all three for $12.


"Foamcore Tips & Tricks"

"How to make an Octagon Base"


Here are some of the things you'll learn in the "Foamcore Tips & Tricks" video:

1. What tools we use to cut foamcore.

​2. How to prevent choppy and rough edges when cutting foamcore.

3. Best position for your knife when cutting thru foamcore to get even edges.

4. How to cut perfect circles.

5. How to clean up rough edges when they do occur.

6. How to cut perfect stars.

7. How to cut clean and crisp letters.

8. How to make corner edges, rabbit edges, v-grooves and rounded edges. Great for boxes.

9. Secret tips for bending foamcore and how to get concave, convex or curved edges.

10. The difference between white and black foamcore.

11. Tips for painting foamcore and what paints to avoid and which ones to use.

12. How to get a perfect and smooth glossy painted surface.

13. How to glitter foamcore to get the best look and avoid mistakes.


FOAMCORE can be made to do amazing things!

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